TradePal is an intellectual hub which I share my ideas and thoughts on investing and business. I hope to bring everyone the best of my investing & business knowledge and provide everyone unique insights.

TradePal is a forecast-free site of the future stock market outlook and only provide stock analysis based on rational judgements and make educated bets based on the company’s qualitative measures and quantitative measures.

The stock market isn’t predictable. It was your investing skills and financial knowledge that will help your portfolio weather the storm during downturns and achieve great returns consistently.



  • Investing should be regardless of your age, wealth, income and ethnicity.
  • Anyone can achieve great returns in the stock market in the long run if they are willing to put in effort and learn investing skills.
  • Sufficient due diligence and educated analysis can increase the success rate of an investment a lot higher.
  • Sharing your knowledge with others is a virtue and will also help you improve your skills 


  • To encourage multidisciplinary thinking in our daily life to solve problems more efficiently and thoroughly
  • To cultivate an idea sharing platform which one can share their skills and another can gain knowledge through free resources

Are you interested in becoming part of us and contribute your vast knowledge and ideas? Contact yiyangchuah321@gmail.com to become an author or contributor and sign up here to become our member.


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